Choral Music

Mixed Voices: Sacred

Annunciata (Stuart-Wortley/Ave Maria) YRM

I am the Rose of Sharon YRM

Psalm 30 (Bay Psalm Book) SATB and organ

Spirit Songs BCV

  • Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
  • My Lord, What a Morning
  • I Want to be Ready
  • Fix Me, Jesus
  • Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel?

Sunset on Calvary (Middle English) YRM

Three Sacred Songs about Religion, Sex and Politics

  • Mandorla Mea (Rives)
  • When David Heard (2 Samuel/Law)
  • Burn Down the Mission (Teilhard de Chardin)

Music for the Office of Tenebrae

  • Tenebrae Responsories on Songs by Bob Dylan (trad.)
  • Nine Psalm Antiphons for the Tenebrae Service (trad.)
  • Asperges Me (Murphy)

When He Saw the Multitudes (Matthew, Mark, the Gospels, Terry Waite)


Mixed Voices: Secular

An American Persephone (Ovid, Hughes, Millay, Corrie) Ballet/Cantata

Charlie, He’s ma Darlin’ (trad.)

Dive: a Water Music (Ovid/Hughes/Kline, Kingsley, Feeney, Worniecki) Ballet/Cantata

Five Bird Songs (Folk Song Arrangements) YRM

  • The Lark in the Morning
  • Fly Up, My Cock
  • Twa Corbies
  • She’s Like the Swallow
  • The Lark in the Clear Air

Five Romantic Miniatures (from The Simpsons)

  • Abe – You remind me of a poem
  • Lisa – I like Langdon Alger
  • Homer – Marge, you make the best…
  • Marge – I love you so much
  • Homer – Marge, I need you

Flite (Dickens)

Glenn Miller is Missing (Lazarus) – YRM

Lullaby near the Railroad Tracks

Meanwhile (Armitage)

Midas at Sunset (Stallings)

Mit Lust Tät Ich Ausreiten (traditional) YRM

Night (Percival) YRM

O Icarus (Wolfe)

Per Gladium Crux – Stanford Te Deum (Ambrose)

ReCuperario (sonnet #27)

Songs at Year’s End (Hughes) BCV

  • There Came a Day
  • The Seven Sorrows
  • Snow and Snow
  • The Warm and the Cold

Sorrows End (sonnet #30)

Three Rose Madrigals YRM

  • O How Much More (sonnet #54)
  • The Forward Violet (sonnet #99)
  • O Never Say (sonnet #109)

Three Victorian Love Lyrics YRM

  • Renouncement (Meynell)
  • First and Last Kiss (Bourke Marston)
  • Remember (Rossetti)

The Valley of Delight (Lee/Emanuel)

War Music YRM

  • Lovely on the Water
  • When I Was On Horseback

When Are We Leaving? (sonnet #60/Murdoch)

The Windhover (Hopkins)

Women’s Voices:

Nunc Dimittis (New Zealand Prayer Book)

Spinning Dance

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