Site-Specific Music

Grand Performing Arts complexes throughout the United States dedicate millions of dollars to the glorification of High Art in elaborately constructed cultural fortresses, reflecting the civic and cultural values of the European 19th Century Bourgeoisie.

With imagination the performing arts can become an engine of urban revitalization by re-using interstitial, overlooked and underused urban spaces. Although these venues are encumbered with new tasks like writing music for an unusual acoustic, creating a stage out of nothing, accommodating an audience where there is little space, imaginative new solutions can bring new audiences and can provide a cure for the complacency of current concert culture.

  • The Ghost Train – a deceptively funny chamber opera for performance in a train station.
  • Galilea – Caroline Herschel nervously confronts her anxiety on the night her brother discovers Uranus in 1781. For performance in an observatory or a planetarium.

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